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Embeded Projects

I GEN a leading organization providing excellent training in Projects and the latest innovative technologies. I GEN works towards making the students understand the abstruse process of completing a project. Project Development has a sharp learning curve and the Professional acumen at I-gen understands the intricacies of this learning curve. We teach students the technologies and make them do the project so that they can learn maximum and build a project having a good market value.

We guide College Students in developing academic projects with next generation technologies. Currently we are focusing on Embedded/Microcontroller, VLSI, DSP, DIP based Student Projects. We Provide Latest Embedded Live Projects for Pre-Final and Final year BE/B.Tech, ME/M.Tech and Polytechnic/Diploma Students. Specially designed and developed projects as per student's requirements. We prepare students for Project presentations.

Embedded Systems

Any electronic system that uses any type of a processing device (Microprocessor / Microcontroller), running a program and is used for any purpose other than general purpose computing. This is one of the many possible definitions of Embedded systems. As can be made out from the definition that embedded systems projects can include a majority of all possible projects.

Embedded Systems Projects is perhaps the biggest single category of projects, especially with respect to graduation students. They are also the most popular category among the students for various reasons. Among the many reasons for choosing projects based on embedded systems the most practical are reasons like; ease of demonstration, cost effective, easy to understand and explain etc. Also among the various other options embedded systems is the field where graduation students already have a decent exposure to in their college carriculum


Robotics in one domain where there is lot of scope for innovation and creativity on the part of the students. Robotics Projects are also popular among graduation students and faculty alike because they offer interesting demonstrations at the end of the project work. A robotic project speaks for itself, and most often than not does not require much of explaining.

Of late with new technologies like GPS, IMU, Semiconductor Gyroscopes and MEMS there are lot of new and very creative applications that can be done with robotics. Projects in robotics can be of different types, either in terms of robotic vehicles that can mode around, or stationary robots like humanoid hands, or robotic arms with multiple degrees of freedom.

With mobile robots there are choices in terms of the navigation capabilities of the robot, as in guided or autonomous navigation systems. Also in terms of the end application that the robotic vehicle is designed for. They can also vary depending on the electronic payload that they are carrying depending on the application. Hence with all these combinations many different applications can be created.